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    I cant read the manga...

    I regesterd so I could read the manga 'Beauty Pop' but it still will not let me!
    Any help?!
    Thanks in advance!

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    We are looking forward your problem. We'll advise you when it solved.
    Thanks for your feedback ^^

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    We didn't find any bugs. It appear to work perfectly for us.

    Please try to:
    - Login
    - Type 'Beauty Pop' in research
    - Click on 'Follow Beauty Pop by clicking on this link'
    - Go in MyMangas space, click on 'Beauty Pop' and choose one of the available online reader of the list.

    If not working, please advise us of your web browser in order for us to verify if an error is occuring.


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    It was not compulsary to register to read the manga. An account is only necessary if you want to follow one or more mangas. Mymangas is a free service and does not require any registration to read mangas.
    So you should be able to see this page http://www.mymangas.com/manga/beauty_pop and read the available chapters.

    Good luck

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